Underwater Services

We provide customized underwater services that address a variety of needs in marine research, industrial operations, and environmental conservation. Our expertise and advanced technology enable precise mapping, exploration, and protection of underwater environments. We are dedicated to adapting our solutions to meet your specific goals and needs.



Sonar enables detailed mapping of the seabed, inspection of underwater structures, and assists in locating objects underwater when visibility is poor. Sonar is a crucial technology for marine research, inspections, and emergency response.

ROV System

Our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are highly versatile and used for inspections, repairs, and data collection underwater. ROVs can reach significant depths and work in challenging environments without the need for divers. This technology is widely used in the offshore industry, research, and inspections of underwater structures.


Our magnetometer service focuses on mapping magnetic objects underwater. This can be used to detect metal objects such as shipwrecks, pipes and cables, UXO, and provides insights into geological formations. This technology is essential for exploration, environmental monitoring, and research.

Infrastructure Inspection:

Our underwater infrastructure inspection service provides comprehensive assessments of the condition of underwater structures, including platforms, pipelines, cables, and bridges. This helps maintain the integrity and safety of the infrastructure and compliance with regulations.

Multibeam Echo Sounder

Multibeam echo sounders provide detailed depth and topographic maps of the seabed. This is used in mapping projects to identify underwater structures, including shipwrecks and cables, and to understand seafloor topography. It is also a valuable resource for geological research and environmental monitoring.

360-Degree Sonar

With our 360-degree sonar technology, you can get a complete view of the underwater environment around you. This is a valuable tool for inspections, mapping, and search and rescue operations, such as entering tunnels.

Wreck Removal

Our wreck removal service aims to eliminate wrecks and obstacles underwater that can threaten navigation and the safety of underwater structures. This includes removing shipwrecks, car wrecks, large objects, and constructions. Wreck removal is crucial for maintaining safe sea conditions and protecting the aquatic environment.

Underwater Drones

In special situations, there may be a need for a quick inspection of objects in the water. Our underwater drones allow you to explore the underwater environment without the need for diving. These drones are compact and easy to transport, requiring minimal preparation before deployment. This makes them ideal for observing marine life, inspecting underwater structures, and exploring areas that are normally inaccessible. In many cases, the use of underwater drones can be a safer, easier, and more cost-effective solution than alternative methods. Drones can also be used to inspect boats or floating docks without the need to bring them ashore.

Products and services

Subsea equipment specifications

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