Products and services

Subsea equipment specifications

Missions according to the customer’s needs

We offer high quality, innovative, flexible, and well-documented assignments according to the customer’s needs at a competitive price for all our assignments.

Competitive and high-quality subsea projects and ROV services

OceanFront has personnel with competence for planning, execution, and reporting of all types of remote-controlled underwater operations and related activities, both for the oil and gas industry, aquaculture, offshore wind, authorities, and other actors in need of underwater activities.

Ocean Front operates its own ROV systems and underwater tools for performing inspections and lightweight intervention down to 2000 m depth in addition to hydroacoustic systems for mapping and positioning.

Through cooperation with companies in construction and manufacturing, OceanFront develops solutions, adaptations, and tools for carrying out operations following customer requirements with a high degree of flexibility. This includes adaptation to different types of vessels and installations, environmental considerations, and cost-efficiency.

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