Privacy Policy

We uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience. By browsing this site you are accepting that such information is used. We log anonymous information about all website visitors, and do so to measure traffic and to optimize content and user experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie, or cookies, is a text file that is integrated into the website to monitor, measure and analyze activity on the website. It collects information about navigation, time of visit, what browsers you use and where in the world you are in and so on. The reason why this is used is to ensure that we can optimize content and user experience on our website in the best possible way. Today, most browsers are preset with automatic cookie acceptance but this can be easily changed in your settings. Please note that if you refuse cookies, you may run the risk that a large number of websites will not function normally.

What cookies do we use

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool used to map traffic, user patterns and trends to our site. All the data we collect is used to optimize content and user experiences for the user. Google Analytics does not collect personally identifiable information about you. All traffic and data we collect is stored on Google’s servers. Would you like to make a reservation against us collecting information about you through Google Analytics? Follow this link

2. Facebook Ads

The Facebook analytics tool allows us to measure the impact of an ad we publish on Facebook. Such an analysis can give us information about how many people saw the ad, what geographical area they were in when they saw the ad, too.

Obtaining information

We collect information on various forms on our website. Providing this information is easy to provide, but please note when preventing us from providing you with the services or product if you do not wish to provide information.

Example of form

– Contact form
– Career

Formål med innhenting

– Send relevant information to the user
– In order to answer the inquiry

Deactivate cookies

We’ve included links with guide to disable cookies. Please note that if you refuse cookies, you may run the risk that a large number of websites will not function normally.

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