Natural Seabed

Environmentally Friendly and Effective Cleanup of Marine Debris and Lost Fishing Gear (Ghost Fishing)

OceanFront’s Natural Seabed concept represents the ideal solution for comprehensive and sustainable seabed cleanup, without the need for divers. Our holistic approach covers all aspects of the cleanup process while eliminating the risks and costs associated with the use of divers. Our goal is to restore the seabed to its natural state while protecting marine ecosystems.

Service components we offer

Preliminary Surveys and Mapping: We start with thorough preliminary surveys and mapping of the area to identify infrastructure, debris, and environmentally hazardous materials that require removal. This step gives us a clear overview of the task at hand.

Sampling with Marine Biologists: We involve marine experts and biologists to conduct sampling and environmental assessments where necessary. This ensures that any ecological considerations are taken into account, and necessary measures are implemented to minimize the impact on underwater ecosystems. This can also be used to document the impact of the intervention on water quality and marine life.

Collecting and Sorting: Our skilled team uses various innovative tools and methods to efficiently remove debris and waste from the seabed. Throughout the process, waste is sorted for proper treatment and recycling.

Deposition and Recycling: We can ensure that collected waste is disposed of and treated in accordance with applicable regulations. At the same time, we emphasize recycling where possible, reducing the overall environmental impact.

By choosing our Natural Seabed concept, you can enjoy the benefits of safe and cost-effective cleanup without the use of divers. We combine technical expertise with a commitment to environmental conservation and utilize advanced technology to ensure that the seabed is restored to its natural state. Explore our customized solutions for handling your challenging seabed cleanup projects in a sustainable and efficient manner.

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