Engineering Services

Our engineering services provide you with a holistic approach to project development, from concept and design to technical analysis and modeling. Whether you need strength calculations for an underwater structure, detailed equipment design specifications, or 2D/3D models for visual representation, we have the expertise and resources needed to ensure the success of your projects. Contact us for customized engineering solutions that fit your specific needs and goals.



Our design segment is the heart of our engineering services. Here, our team of experienced designers and engineers take your ideas and concepts and bring them to life. We use creativity and technical expertise to develop innovative and functional solutions for your projects. The design process includes concept development, sketches, material selection, and the creation of detailed design specifications.

Engineering and Strength Calculation

Engineering and strength calculation are crucial steps in ensuring that construction or equipment meets the necessary safety and performance standards. Our engineers perform comprehensive strength calculations and analyses to assess loads, stresses, and strains on materials and structures. This helps ensure that our projects are robust, reliable, and compliant with all necessary regulations.

2D/3D Modeling and Drawing Production

We use advanced 2D and 3D modeling technology to visualize and represent projects in detail. Our CAD experts create accurate and comprehensive models that provide a clear picture of design and construction. This includes the production of technical drawings, layouts, and visualizations that are essential for project planning, production, and implementation.

Hull Inspection

We inspect the hulls of vessels below the waterline, anodes, and propellers with underwater drones or ROVs. Plan when fouling should be removed, identify damage to the hull, or objects lodged in the propeller. We can capture images and video and stream live video to shipping offices or other stakeholders.

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