About us

OceanFront is your preferred partner for underwater services and engineering solutions, covering everything from marine research to industrial operations and environmental conservation. We have a vision of leading in subsea and maritime operations and are deeply committed to providing sustainable and efficient solutions both on, in, and under the water.

Our dedicated team works closely with customers to develop tailored solutions and think outside the box. We take pride in our work to serve the ocean and those who depend on it. At OceanFront, it’s all about integrity, sustainability, and innovation. Our commitment to challenging conventional practices and improving quality and efficiency is a part of our core identity.

In addition to our versatile services, including underwater surveys and engineering services, we are also proud of our revolutionary approach to eco-friendly seabed cleanup through the concept of Natural Seabed. With the Natural Seabed concept, we work to restore the seabed to its natural state.

Choose OceanFront as your partner to lead sustainable maritime operations on, in, and under the water. We are ready to meet your specific needs and goals, and we look forward to delivering results that contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans and future generations.


Mats Ulseth Ranheim

CAD Trainee

Innovative and significant player for sustainable and efficient operations on, in and underwater.

We take new paths to solve challenges, serve the sea and those who use it.

High integrity

We must be true to our mission and vision. We must always show humanity and have an honest and fair demeanour. We must have firm, unwavering attitudes in line with the UN’s sustainability goals.


Our operation and execution/delivery must be in line with the UN’s sustainability goals and the measures it may entail.


We will always seek to challenge established practices in all stages of operation and delivery to increase quality and efficiency.

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