We are a partner for everyone who will carry out sustainable maritime operations on, in and under the water.

We have built an environment that uses known technology in new ways and creates new technology to solve known problems. Everything from consultation and feasibility studies to planning and implementation.

We are inspiring and close to our customers. We develop unique solutions, without being locked into traditional patterns.

We are proud of the results we deliver.

Innovative and significant player for sustainable and efficient operations on, in and underwater.

We take new paths to solve challenges, serve the sea and those who use it.

High integrity

We must be true to our mission and vision. We must always show humanity and have an honest and fair demeanour. We must have firm, unwavering attitudes in line with the UN’s sustainability goals.


Our operation and execution/delivery must be in line with the UN’s sustainability goals and the measures it may entail.


We will always seek to challenge established practices in all stages of operation and delivery to increase quality and efficiency.