What We Do

We offer our underwater services nationally and internationally. Wherever your project is located, you can rely on our expertise and experience. We assist in projects involving water and wastewater, hydropower, water supply, ports and waterways, reservoirs and rivers, dredging and reclamation, subsea cables, as well as environmental assessments and regulatory plans. Our commitment is to deliver accurate data and customized solutions, regardless of complexity or scope. Let OceanFront be your trusted partner for underwater projects.

In addition to our versatile services, including underwater surveys and engineering services, we are also proud of our revolutionary approach to eco-friendly seabed cleanup through the concept of Natural Seabed. With the Natural Seabed concept, we work to restore the seabed to its natural state.

Choose OceanFront as your partner to lead sustainable maritime operations on, in, and under the water. We are ready to meet your specific needs and goals, and we look forward to delivering results that contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans and future generations.


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