Underwater drone inspection

OceanFront conducts inspections and is a distributor of Blueye underwater drones.

The ultimate tool for professionals. Quick and easy inspection of your assets underwater.

Our Blueye PRO underwater drone enables access for underwater inspection.

  • Inspection of propellers and hulls for increased safety and efficiency in shipping.
  • Reduce time on costly diving work by inspection and verification / documentation in the construction industry.
  • Document and monitor the environment such as littering in ports.
  • Assist in complex ROV, diving and underwater operations to provide a better overview.

Easy mobilization by car, inspection can be carried out from land. The underwater drone is approved for missions down to 305 meters.

We can stream live video from underwater drones to external viewers via Teams. Then you can include experts and other decision makers from their own representative offices.

Industrial fields

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